A Response to the article: How to Stop Procrastinating by Martha Beck

So many of us struggle with this ailment and we constantly seek answers to the task or problem that we are running from, when the only answer is to stop seeking and begin moving. By taking action, even if it is just one small step per day, we will move forward toward the solution or our goal.

It’s not unusual to feel stuck when we think about doing something new and different.  We begin to take action and instead our attention moves to something else.  Something easy, something comfortable that we’ve done before. We discuss the problem over and over with friends and family and yet we remain frozen in place.

This is where coaching can help.  The coach can help you get on track and keep you on track in moving toward any goal you may have set for yourself. You don’t have to do this alone.

To truly get the most out of this wonderful life, we must move toward those things that scare us, that make us feel stuck and the sense of fulfillment that we feel, when we do, will be beyond words.